Botanist gift set ~ body toning & face oils + toning scrub ~ grapeseed & juniper

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t h e . s p a . l a b ~  Each botanist product you enjoy helps us maintain the time honoured traditions involved in creating natural organic & preservative free products with care for your wellbeing.

Grapeseed & Juniper Body Toning Oil
An organic herbal conditioning blend infused with juniper and fennel to eliminate toxins, balance and tone the body.

Grapeseed & Juniper Face Oil
An exceptionally gentle and effective anti-aging blend to rebalance and uplift the skin with super antioxidants to counteract environmental pollutants.

Grapeseed & Juniper Body Toning Scrub
A rejuvenating scrub packed with natural botanicals to cleanse, condition and tone the body while mineral-rich sea salt with grapeseed & juniper gently exfoliate and remove impurities.